Introducing SellClarity. A new sales and marketing automation system.

Credit: opensourceway on Flickr

Credit: opensourceway on Flickr

An exciting launch for an exciting new product.

It’s not every day that a company goes from providing telecom consulting and moves into a whole new direction. But that’s exactly we’re doing. Because this business was built from scratch we learned a lot of valuable (and painful) lessons about developing and implementing marketing and sales systems.

But the results speak for themselves.

Despite being a Canadian company, and spending a great deal of time and effort marketing in Canada, the vast majority of our clients are in the United States. This is despite having no outside sales people, no network of US contacts, and without spending a dime on advertising.

How did we do it? By building a solid sales system the melds together a strong inbound strategy and a very strong outbound strategy. It turns out that outbound prospecting is actually quite effective, but only if done in a properly and with a specialized sales team and a hybrid inbound and outbound marketing strategy.

It wasn’t long until our clients started asking us how our sales process worked. What we discovered was that there were no sales systems that mixed together the process of inbound and outbound marketing and sales. Many companies had either gone for a 100% inbound strategy or were focused exclusively on outbound “dialing for dollars” prospecting. But the reality is that to get the best results you need to use both strategies. Imagine automating the inbound process through automation, but also automating a large portion of the outbound process as well.

And that’s exactly what SellClarity is. It’s a system that links together the best inbound strategies with the best outbound strategies. Inbound works closely in sync with an outbound team and sales results will flourish. SellClarity is about eliminating admin, automating as much as possible, and leaving salespeople doing what they do best: closing business. Interestingly enough, since implementation we’ve seen a huge reduction in marketing expenses and cost of sales both in our implementation and in client implementation.

Soon we will be launching a new webinar series on how to make your next project a success. Please stay tuned, but in the meantime, please download our latest white paper: 5 technologies your competitors are using to steal your customer to learn more about what SellClarity can mean for your business.

Our new website is now available at

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Andrew Seipp

Principal Consultant at Telclarity
Andrew Seipp is the principal consultant for Telclarity. His company helps small to enterprise clients navigate the world of telecom and find significant savings. Having worked in the telecom industry for nearly a decade he brings unparalleled insider knowledge to the table.

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