5 surefire signs that it’s time to fire your phone company


It’s often better to stay with your existing phone company, but sometimes you need to make a switch. Here are 5 sure signs that you should.

We’ve all been there. We know that we are not getting the greatest service or prices, but we don’t want to take action and phone companies don’t make it easy either. But sometimes, it’s obvious that change needs to be made. Here are a few surefire signs it’s time to leave

  1. You’re still using a landline

    If you haven’t explored using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) you’re missing out on significant cost savings and better service. Sometimes it’s not possible, but if you are running most of your company using landlines, you’ve got a problem.

  2. You pay domestic long distance on your cell phones.

    Stop it. Almost all plans include unlimited national calling. If you’re paying for long distance you’re overpaying. Period.

  3. You talk to them… every month.

    This goes beyond calling them to correct a billing error. In reality, if you’re calling them every time someone is roaming inside North America, or for routine issues, you’re also wasting valuable time.

  4. No one picks up the phone.

    Does every call start with “Your call is important to us, please stay on the line?” It’s not always possible to get someone on the first ring; however, long hold times are often a sign of customer service issues. See point above.

  5. Your account manager is a #$@%!

    Account managers are always nice when you are signing up or expanding. If you’ve peaked out your services or are reducing them, they’ll be much harder to reach. Take your business elsewhere if your account manager is taking days to get back to you.

If you have any of the above problems, it’s time to consider looking for a new provider. Costs aren’t the only concern and it’s important that you switch to a company that provides you with the best value for your money. And even if you end up staying with your existing provider the threat of leaving them will almost certainly score you money saving concessions.

What signs have you experienced with your phone company?
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Andrew Seipp

Principal Consultant at Telclarity
Andrew Seipp is the principal consultant for Telclarity. His company helps small to enterprise clients navigate the world of telecom and find significant savings. Having worked in the telecom industry for nearly a decade he brings unparalleled insider knowledge to the table.

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