We take the pain out of telecom.
Telclarity makes telecom easy, and pain free.

What we do for companies like yours

Bill Auditing and Usage Analysis.

We complete a detailed analysis of your invoices and identify billing errors and isolate your usage patterns. Savings are guaranteed or you don’t pay.

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Outsourced Telecom Management

We manage your telecom account for you to ensure that you continue to be billed correctly and your carrier treats you well.

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Rate Plan Negotiation

We negotiate with your carrier and devise a lower cost/better value rate plan that is tailor made for your usage.

Technology consulting

We’re experts at implementing CRM and sales acceleration technologies. Want to put your sales into overdrive? Contact us today for a review of our sales technology package.

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Why us

We’re on your side
We don’t work for your carrier and we’re completely unbiased

We work with you with the goal of making telecom management easy. We will not sell you services you don’t need, and we will make sure that your carriers provide the services they promised.

We’re experts
We used to work for the telcos. Now we work for you

We used to work for the carriers and we are experts in the technical, legal and marketing aspects of the telecom industry. We take the complexity out of telecom so that you can focus on running your business.

Savings are guaranteed.
Think your business phone plan is saving you money? Think again

We are experts at uncovering billing errors and carriers not living up to their contractual obligations. If we can’t find any savings, you don’t pay. Our service is 100% risk free.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who are you guys?

    We’re former carrier employees. We saw that most corporate customers are not getting treated fairly and often have out of control telecom costs. We decided to put our industry knowledge and connections into helping customers save on their telephone bills.

  • Couldn't I just do this all my self?

    You can try, but you probably won’t find the kind of savings we deliver. It’s also a very time consuming process.

  • What kind of services can you save on?

    Our areas of specialty include wireless, landline, internet, web hosting, and SaaS products (Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc)

  • How do I start?

    After you’ve contacted us we will need to see 3-6 month invoices to get an understanding of your telecom needs. After this is done we will send you a written agreement outlining the proposed changes.

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